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The community of professional mediators is diverse and vital. We all — at least, those of us who succeed — have an empathic presence that resonates with our client population, but we’re not all attorneys and therapists by training. My own story is that of electrical engineer who transitioned into what occasionally strikes me as a vaguely surreal form of occupation.

As a mediator, I’ve long since stopped apologizing for my engineering background. It has not only helped make me the mediator that I am (right for some clients, wrong for others), it has also given me a formidable advantage in the mediation marketplace — namely, an understanding of information technology and the Internet, and the web development skills to build a site that would power my practice ahead of the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s involved in building a custom web site?

A. Building a winning web site is a multi-part project comprising strategic positioning, branding, copywriting, image sourcing and licensing, page composition, coding, search-engine optimization, domain name selection and registration, site hosting, and site maintenance. You can deploy me in as many or as few of these elements according to your needs. With the exception of logo design (an optional though important element of branding, and the only area that I would outsource), I’ve done them all many times. And I know which corners can be cut, and which can’t.

Q. Is it better to employ a team of people to build the site?

No. The overhead, complexity, and inefficiency of a project grows exponentially with each additional member of the project team. It’s much better to mastermind the project yourself, or delegate it to someone with the skills to do most or all of it himself/herself.

Further, a team effort is much less likely to produce a site that’ visible to search engines if the team members are specialists, each knowledgeable in his/her own domain. That’s because search-engine optimization (SEO) is an integrative function. It’s best when all elements are considered at the same time — preferably by a project manager who has SEO expertise.

Q. Why would I want a custom-built web site?

When I started my practice in 2005, I wanted to create a brand that was uniquely mine. Something permanent and professional. I didn’t know that my practice would succeed. (Indeed, many naysayers proclaimed that I couldn't — presumably because they had themselves failed or were too afraid to try.) But I knew that I didn’t want to look back and regret that I’d been half-hearted or short-sighted. At the time, I supposed that a custom site would give my practice the best chance of succeeding. Today, several years later and several hundred clients later, I stand by that decision.

Q. What about template-based sites? They look easy and cheap.

They are. They’re also inflexible, transparently template-based and devoid of brand identity, inextricably amateurish, and, worst of all, invisible to search engines. To test that last contention, try to find among the first page of Google’s search results any template-based site when typing a search term conceivably used by a prospective mediation client — for example, divorce mediation [Anytown].

And should anyone ever stumble upon a template-based site (perhaps because its owner included the site’s address on a business card or search-marketing ad), the site’s generic appearance is unlikely to inspire confidence in a prospective client. If template-based sites were free, they’d be worth every penny.

Q. Can I see examples of mediation-related sites that you’ve created?

A. Rather than click the links below, try finding them as a prospective client might. Enter any of the suggested search terms into Google, Yahoo! or Bing, and you’ll see these sites among the top-ranked search results:

Site #1: (New Resolution LLC)
Suggested search terms: mediators san francisco, mediation san francisco, mediation san francisco, divorce mediators san jose, family mediation oakland, etc.

Site #2: (National Mediation Training Registry)
Suggested search terms: jobs for mediators, mediation training, arbitration jobs, etc.

Site #3: (
Suggested search terms: mediation careers, career in mediation, etc.

Q. How much does a custom site cost?

A. Please contact me so I can better understand your needs. I’ll then work up a no-obligation proposal for your consideration.

Q. I don’t have the budget for a custom site. What else can you offer?

A. If you don’t have the budget (or the time) for a custom site, the New Resolution Mediation Launch Platform™ is probably a great alternative to launch your mediation practice on a solid foundation. An innovative license-based model, the Platform is easier than even a template-driven site yet combines the search-engine optimization of a custom site. And flexible subscription pricing allows you to hop on the Platform for as long as you wish for minimal up-front cost.

Welcome to Mediation

Welcome to Mediation

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator

Actionable intelligence for a career in mediation

from professional mediator